Travel like a Pro. 9 Tips to Make Your Airline Travel a Breeze.


I absolutely love to fly but for many, the idea of dealing with airports is anything but exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first time setting foot in an airport, below you can find the insiders scoop on making your airline experience a walk in the terminal. (airport pun intended)

1.Toms/Flats vs. Sandals vs. Athletic Shoes

Toms or Flats= Light and breezy, easy slip on and off while passing through security. I always always ALWAYS wear socks. My feet end up feeling absolutely filthy (this is a huge peeve of mine) so sandals are a no-no for me.

However ! Sandals, if you can get past the fact that you will have to walk barefoot on the airport ground, can be a great optionIMG_1475. Your feet don’t sweat and they are also as easy to slip on and off. Then just toss them in a bin and proceed, no haggling with socks and needing to sit down to try to get shoes back on.

(First and last time I ever wore sandals at the airport) —->

Athletic shoes.. I don’t know about you but I work out in my Nikes and although I love them and they are super comfy… they definitely don’t smell like roses… Plus.. they have a tendency to make my feet sweat. Depending on how broken in they are, I slip mine on and off all the time; but if you have to bother lacing and unlacing them.. just don’t. That’s wasted time you could be spending getting your airport buzz on. (A favorite of mine)

2. Always keep copies of boarding passes and passport easily accessible. If you use your phone you always want a back up just in case you can’t access your boarding pass or maybe a scanner isn’t scanning your documents. You never know. Just better to be safe.

3. I always recommend traveling with a small purse or cross body bag.  I keep all my travel documents in an easily accessible pocket. My camera bag doubles as a purse. Whenever I’m abroad I fit my small wallet, passport, camera and phone inside. It’s a full zip cross body bag and myperfect travel companion. 3 Cheers for Amazon! Link below.IMG_0392IMG_0396





4. Check in online the second your 24 hour window opens up and reserve your seats. Don’t waste your time in line to get a boarding pass when you can do it all from your computer. Another travel hack, I always try and sit in the emergency exit. You get way more leg room and usually it’s free (: If you have a flight longer than 7 hours and an upgrade is available for under $30 … thats a small price to pay for a little extra comfort. 

P.S if you’re someone that is okay waiting until the last second (I am not this person) sometimes but not always, the upgraded seats are offered at a discount. You can check online for open seats in business or first class or talk to the gate attendant to see what’s available. 

5. I try to never check a bag. If you are going somewhere tropical and warm for less than 2 weeks there is no reason you can’t fit 7 baiting suits, 5 sundresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 tops, 2 sandals and 1 pair of tennis shoes in a carry on suitcase. (I have done this on several IMG_4268.jpgoccasions)  I don’t really like to roll my clothes because they get extra wrinkled but if this saves you space… roll them and lay they out as soon as you get to your destination. Most hotels come with a hair dryer, I usually don’t take heat products like a curling iron or straightener when I’m beaching it because I never use them. If that’s a must for you, throw it in your back pack and keep on packing (:

If you have to check a bag… there have been some really cold winter destinations that required quite a lot of layers. Sometimes it’s inevitable but instead of wasting your time in the check baggage line almost all airlines have a luggage check outside. For whatever reason, I guess most people just don’t know to use this, IT’S NEVER BUSY. I have never spent more than 7 minutes checking my bag outside and!!! it doesn’t cost any extra to use the outside service.  They don’t check you in for your flight so you must check in online. Again, valuable time spent on a glass of Prosecco while toasting to your upcoming adventure!

6. Hair brush, Toothbrush, Tooth paste

I always feel incredibly dirty when I get off a plane. It doesn’t matter if I showered right before I fly, whenever I exit the plane I have tangled hair  and a mouth that tastes like I just woke up from a three day nap. It is what it is. I immediately head for the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I

6842e368fc2f143fe0122239e1eeb82d--travel-organization-travel-products shove a collapsable brus8718b873-9d6d-4b6b-a33d-48f802dca764_1.37e8625d310997b24e5f39ad9a25be59h and travel size mouth kit in my backpack.





7. Snacks

Don’t get me wrong I love peanuts and pretzels but on longer flights I need a little more sustenance. I usually pack a protein bar or some nuts sometimes a string cheese. I brought hard boiled egg once but… if you could imagine, the lady sitting next to me was not pleased with the egg smell. Lesson learned.

8. Neck Pillow 

Make sure you get a neck pillow that is able to attach to your luggage or backpack. It becomes a pain in the ass when you’re already loaded like a pack mule and trying to hold your travel pillow. Way more convenient!

9. Research the airport before you go. Somewhere huge like LAX has quite a few terminals. Try to at least have an idea of where you’re going. If all else fails ask for help. I spent an hour trying to wander around looking for my gate. I almost missed my flight completely when I could’ve just asked for someone to point me in the right direction.


P.S this is a huge pain in the ass when you’re in a country that where you can’t communicate. If you have layovers in foreign countries try your best to have an idea of the layout or take a picture on your phone. Most airlines include a diagram of major airports in the back of their airline magazine. Check them out.


Cheers friends ! I hope this has helped you out (: As always thanks for reading ! Don’t forget to share with your friends!



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